Commentary by:
Scott Spidel

We must have a small order of governance to maintain law and order. Otherwise, we end up with "possies" or what we call gangs today and why a small government prevents itself from becoming a posse.

Like we see within run down inner cities, police are not welcome and often won't respond because they and their cars get shot at when they enter the area and there's very high crime because there's no business sector.

Governance not only keeps the peace, which we all want, but it also maintains the business world with what should be limited rules and regulations along with limited taxes to fund and maintain a growing infrastructure.

That's how society and civilization should exist with governance. But it hasn't for a very long time and it's only happened for a brief time, throughout all of history. That brief time was born when our ancestors took part in fatal and death defying voyages across the Atlantic to settle in a new world, to escape and flee the slavery and tyranny of the known civilization they lived in.

The society and civilization that was born from that, that had provided people from all over the world with a sanctuary from tyranny, was the United States of America. And it was created by patriotic men who gave their lives to provide a better one for everyone.

Somehow a small group of people were able to fight off colonisation of the ruling tyrants during the time, that included the powerful empires of Britain, Spain and France. All the while, overcoming the culture that was born into them, that included slavery and treating women with less rights than men.

That's why America has been a shining light for the dark world that we truly live in and why people wanted to go there and become Americans. It is the greatest "experiment" in human history and an example to the world. But many people haven't learned the true history of the world that has been ruled by tyrants. Tyrants who today, cast a dark fog onto America and patriots around the world, with lies and deceptions.


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