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"Fake News at the Bechtel Summit"

This episode, President Donald J. Trump comes to my hometown during the 2017 BoyScout Jamboree.
I have the opportunity to interview protesters outside of the Jamboree and debate repeal and replacment of the Affordable Care Act. However, uppon closer inspection of the protest's organizer, I find a rabbit hole of  George Soros / Saul Alinsky linked activist groups, so I reach out to West Virginia Citizen's Action Group in an attempt to  find out more about Alexandra Gallo and offer her an opportunity to come on the podcast and give her side of the story.  
* Note: I was also asked to do an interview for a local Fox/CBS affiliate. In the aired piece, I am listed as a participant. I DID NOT protest and in no way do I support the Affordable Care Act. I merely thanked the group for their peaceful protest. 


Listen to "Episode 15 - Fake News at the Bechtel Summit" on Spreaker. Footage from the Summit Reserve Protest


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