On this three Year anniversary of NeoCrusader.com, I am joined by my wife, Amy Pino. We re-visit a clip recorded on 7/3/2014 and discuss how things have changed over the last three years as well as how thinking independently and not being afraid to buck the Deep State Media makes us free.

Episode 12

"Politics and the Pulpit"
Pastor Steven Stover and I discuss current events, the rise of fascism in the name of anti-fascism, his take on the Mark of the Beast and how it relates to buying and selling in today's society, plus much, much more!

Episode 11

"The Ugly Truth"
I am joined by my good friend, broadcasting veteran and DJ extraordinare, Bigugly Dave Willis for a power hour of Ugly Truth.

Episode 10

"Redneck Ramblings"
 John Williamson joins me for a discussion on the attack on free speech, the attack on religion in WV, IBM's Watson and the link to Nazis and many other things.

Episode 9

"The INFOWAR Armory"
Scott Spidle of  The INFOWAR Armory joins me this episode for a nearly three hour discussion on the attempted takeover of humanity by the Global elite, Hillary Clinton, Canadian affairs relating to global policy and terrorism, Behghazi, Ukraine, faith destroying viruses...and much much more!

Episode 8

Is Batman secretly at the top of the Illuminati pyramid?  What is the sign of the woman and does it relate to astrological events happening on 9/23/2017? What about that wacky Kim Jong Un?  My good friend John Williamson joins me for a discussion on this and many other things, smothered with a healthy serving of satire and garnished with ranting. 

Episode 7

4/16/2017 (Easter Sunday) - Pastor Steven Stover joins me for a powerful sermon on the most important event in human history; Christ's sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. We take a deep look into the events that lead up to the Crucifixion, (starting in Genesis), and discuss the synchronicity and supernatural occurrences that take place before, during and after Christ's victory at Calvary.

Episode 6

We discuss the pushback against Craig Sawyer by multiple crowdfunding sources when trying to fund his organization, Vets4ChildRescue.org, as well as the invasion of RFID technology upon our lives.  At the end of the show, I am joined by an old friend, John Allen Williamson for an interview which has now become known in some circles as "The Russian Segment".

Episode 5

I am joined this episode, by one of my oldest friends, Scott "Buzzy" Lepto.  We discuss his views on religion, faith and his scepticism on the existence of God.

Episode 4

I am joined by Pastor Steven Stover of Life Point Ministries as we unravel the mysteries of the fallen angels, their effect on mankind and the power of the human spirit against Satan.

Episode 3

We finish our discussion of Bohemian Grove and the many conspiricies associated with it.

Episode 2  

This episode, we discuss the bizarre connection between the elite political social class and its ties to pedophilia, child trafficing, and an ancient Canaanite god of child sacrifice.

Episode 1

 Pilot episode. 
Teleprompter free, unedited and flying by the seat of our pants!